bbypandaface Painted

"Our friend bbypandaface! Cosplayer, Twitch Streamer and Gamer extraordinaire! Catch her playing pretty much everything that's new, and even stuff that's old. She also has a burp counter on twitch, whats not to love?"


  • 5 inches tall (For size reference, if she was standing she would be nearly as tall as Remi-7)
  • Fully handpainted kit.
  • 12 pieces to assemble.
  • Designed and sculpted by Layna Lazar.

Collectors Edition! - Preorder Price $299USD. This version will come with 2 signed bbypandaface photoshoot prints, 1 bbypandaface 3D render print, and 1 SIGNED and numbered edition of the handpainted resin kit. There will also be some *extra secret* bbypandaface goodies contained within!

Standard Edition! - Preorder Price $249. This version will come with a 1 bbypandaface photoshoot print and the painted resin kit!

Lite Edition! - $225. This version will come with a 1 bbypandaface painted resin kit!

Collectors and Standard editions are expected to ship during the fourth quarter of of 2017, Lite editions are expect to ship in the third quarter of 2018.

NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking to anywhere in the world.

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