Become a Companion

So you are interested in becoming part of the IHazToys LTD Companions arm!?

Read on!

So, What is IHazToys Companions?

IHazToys 'Companions' is essentially a storefront for artists like you who have been thinking about producing a statue for sale to your fans, friends, or family, but are overwhelmed at the idea of setting it all up and producing the statue, dealing with shipping, handling, returns and customers etc yourselves.

Sounds good, what exactly is IHazToys role in this partnership?

In short, as little or as much as you want us to be!
We can either take two roles in this partnership:

Role 1: 'Companion'
: You sculpt the statue, and hand the ztl to us. We take care of everything else!
Role 2: 'Sidekick': You sculpt the statue, have it produced and have the statues with you, we simply share that with our audience, on our storefront and send the order and shipping information through to you. In both roles, we will utilise our social media to promote your figure!

What role do I play in this partnership then?

Your role, is to promote the bejesus out of your figure! Share, link, tweet, post about it using everything you have. We really need to drive the traffic to your figure on the store and get as many eyes on it as possible!

So who pays for production of my sculpture?

No money needs to be exchanged.

What!? I don’t have to pay anything? So how do we sell it then?!

We have worked out a very good deal and created a great pipeline with our production team that allows us to do the following:
You send us your ZTL. We throw it (gently) at our production team who gives us a breakdown of costs. We share that with you, then come up with a ‘for sale’ price together.
We make some nice renders and we throw up a ‘pre-order’ on the store to gauge interest prior to any production work being done.
We both advertise the figure collectively for 2 weeks as much as we can!
Based on the number of pre-order sales we get in those 2 weeks, we either move forward (YAY!) or we cancel the production and refund the pre-orders (In the case that the number of pre-orders is not enough to cover the production cost of the figure)

Okay so if this fails, no harm done? I don’t owe you guys anything at all?

Nope, not a cent.

Okay that sounds great! So what happens when it goes gangbusters, how do we split the profits?

IHazToys LTD takes 100% of the profit on all the things and you don’t get anything at all.

Piss off!

Just kidding! It’s really quite simple.
It is after all your work, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without it. We value that first and foremost as artists and creators ourselves.
The profit breakdown in our partnership together is as follows:

If IHazToys is your 'Companion' : You take 50% of the profits of every copy sold.
If IHazToys is your 'Sidekick' : You take 75% of the profits of every copy sold.

I still don’t get it - can you clarify, maybe give me some numbers?

Totally, here you go! Lets call your statue ‘Badass Sculpture A’
'Badass Sculpture A' Production cost per copy = $100USD (including shipping)
'Badass Sculpture A' Sale price per copy = $150USD. (including shipping)
Which means 'Badass Sculpture A’ Profits per copy = $50USD.

With me so far ? Good! So here’s what you get!

If IHazToys is your 'Companion' : you take 50% profits per sale = $25USD!
If IHazToys is your 'Sidekick: you take 75% profit per sale = $37.50USD!

Damn! So, you take up to 50% of the profits on my sculpture!?

Not so fast moneybags!

If we enter into a partnership with Ihaztoys in that role, you are utilizing our production pipeline that we have established over the last 5 years, we are liaising with our production team to produce your figure, advertising it to our social media, keeping on top of production, packaging, dealing with customer orders, customer interactions and questions, shipping & handling and dealing with returns and breakages or defects, paying the fees and %'s for the website upkeep and sharing sales information and trying to be super cool at the same time.

Don't forget, that unlike many stores out there that deal in digital transactions and digital transference ie file sharing only, we are dealing with physical products. It's much more labor intensive and there are many hands that will touch your project in order to make it a reality.
What are you doing for your 50% now that you sculpted that piece? Sitting on your couch, playing Monster Hunter World with your friends making fat stacks of cash every month.
We think that’s a good deal!

Okay, okay, fair enough, so how do I know how many copies we sell?

We share with you our sales reports generated monthly, showing how many copies have been sold.

And when and how do I get paid ?

Payment is made via Paypal on the 5th of every month.

I don’t have paypal!

Get it, or we cant be friends. It’s really easy to set up - once you are ready to go, we can start processing your payments.

Hey hang on a sec, do I get a copy of my own figure?!

Lets try and work that into the production cost, and offset the cost in the sale price of the figure! So you can get a copy for yourself if the project is a success!

Wow! Man you guys rock!

We know we do.

Not very modest though!

Duly noted, we will work on that.

So, are the figures painted or unpainted?

That is a damn fine question!
Painting requires a much more complex pipeline and much more effort  / financial risk on our behalf.
Because of this, we reserve the right to choose to go down that route with you and your sculptures. Definitely let us know if you are interested in that, and we can discuss it further with you.
So, consider everything we are talking about here including the %’s as if we were producing unpainted, resin kits only.

Okay, I had one more question real quick, how do I prepare the Zbrush file for you?

It doesn't have to be cut up for production, scaled, decimated or prepped in any way, just send through the ztl as you would sculpt it.
We can take it from there!


I know right?
One thing we do need to be clear on, is that we reserve the right to move forward in this with you also, as much as we would like to to be a completely open marketplace we believe in producing high quality resin figures here at IHazToys, and we don’t want to lower our quality bar by taking this step forward and simply opening the floodgates!

Okay this all sounds great, I’m in! Where do I sign up!

You don’t have to sign up to anything, just get in touch and we can get cracking on your first figure! Contact us at introducing yourself, and provide images of the statue you are thinking of, along with thoughts on scale, and include any other questions you have about all of this! We welcome your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to hearing from you!!

-Layna & Troy