Mid May 2016 News!

The prototype print for Eve is complete!!
Feast your eyes on those details @ 55mm tall!

If you are thinking about adding her to your tabletop gaming endeavors, you can pick her up at the store from $40USD (including tracked international shipping!)

There are only a few collectors editions of EVE left!!


Master M is now coming soon to IHazToys!


Yellow Star Collectors Edition: Sold out!

There are only a handful of copies left of her @ 9" inches tall and it looks like they wont last too much longer! Editions start at $180USD (including tracked international shipping!)


Rin Collectors Edition: 1 Copy Left!

Grab your copy at the special pre-order discounted price! 

Editions start from $120USD(including tracked international shipping) 


Next collectible figure coming to IHazToys: Keiko & Char!