Our Newest Collectible Available
IHazToys Exclusive Collectibles
Our Newest Collectible Available
IHazToys Exclusive Collectibles


'Devil' Edition Swimsuit Succubus Painted
  • $400.00

Sold out

Battlechasers : Red Monika
  • $399.00

Sold out

Swimsuit Succubus Painted
  • $399.00

Sold out

Swimsuit Succubus Unpainted
  • From $200.00

Sold out

Rin 'The Hammer' Wolfheart Painted
  • From $225.00

Sold out

Keiko & Char: MODEL KIT
  • From $130.00


Established in 2015, IHazToys has been born from a desire to produce the highest quality resin kits and figures with a style that combines eastern and western aesthetics.

Troy has sculpted and produced miniatures and figurines for many premium producers around the world including Weta Workshop and Prime 1 Studios, Several boardgames and rewards for videogame kickstarters such as Kingdom Death and League of Legends.

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Absolutely amazing quality!

This is the highest quality figurine I've ever seen, it's absolutely amazing! It really reminds me from Miss Fortune from League of Legends. Would love a figurine for Miss Fortune as well, honestly! :P

Neo Xist on Aug 16, 2019

I know it's not out yet, but DAAAaammmnnn

Buy this thing. It looks perfect! Thank you IHAZTOYS and Joe Mad! Please do Calibretto next:)

Ben on Dec 08, 2018

Perfect piece of Craftsmanship

It´s a beautiful Masterpiece and it looks fantastic. I will buy by you again. Your work is really amazing. Greetings from Germany

Erik S. on Dec 23, 2017

Great quality!

My first purchase from IHAZTOYS and by no means will it be the last! Lovely work and beautifully painted. Looking forward to ordering more figures in the future!

RJ Ratu on Oct 17, 2019

Bought for the cuteness

Excellent detail. Great character detail and design. Cant wait for the next one.

TODD D. on Sep 05, 2019


One of the more gorgeous figures I own! She arrived so quickly and was packaged as safe as could be!

Ollie M. on Jun 26, 2020

So Awesome

SUPER easy to put together. Looks exactly like the photos given. The figure was well packed and Amazingly detailed.

Rodger L. on Feb 09, 2020