IHazToys Companions!

We are super stoked to announce a new sprout of growth within IHazToys called ‘IHazToys Companions’.

IHazToys Companions has been established to give us the opportunity to partner with our friends and comrades and provide an existing platform and brand to sell their figurines under.

We consider it an honor to work with our companions, and we hope we can meet and exceed their expectations as a platform! Having said that though, we have set ourselves a high quality bar and we expect no less from our companions. Ultimately our customers and client base need to feel safe that our companions productions meet or exceed our very own quality standards!

Our goal is to help our companions get more eyes on their awesome productions, move forward together as a team and diversify the range of awesome content available on IHazToys.

In celebration of this announcement, we would like to welcome our first IHazToys companion, Paul Tan with his Forest Dragon!

You can pick yourself up a standard edition copy for $90USD which includes worldwide tracked international shipping! This is a very limited run of 20 copies.

This kit will be ready and available to ship in the month of August!