Keiko & Char Painted

"Young novice alchemist Keiko is filled with big dreams, a carefree state of mind, and bubbling enthusiasm. Although Char is reluctant to get caught in Keiko's whirlwind of of accidents, he lovingly travels by her side. They journey together, as best friends."


This is an extremely limited run figure of just 15 copies!

  • 5.3 inches tall.
  • Painted resin kit.
  • Winning entry of the Artstation 2016 Journey Challenge for Characters.
  • Designed and sculpted by Layna Salazar. 
  • Comic and collector card illustrations by Magion02
  • Chibi illustration by Jason 'doghateburger' Chng

    Signature Edition: Price $300. Comes with 1 Comic illustration, 1 Keiko & Char's story, 1 signed copy of Keiko's close up, 1 Keiko collectors card, 1 Char collectors card, 1 Chibi print, 1 30mm resin 'Keiko's Beans!' keychain ornament which has been hand painted by Layna and lastly of course 1 numbered and signed edition of the painted resin kit!

    Lite Edition! - Price $250. Comes with 1 print of Keiko and Char's story, 1 print of Keiko's close up and the painted resin kit!

    All editions are expected to ship 4th quarter 2017!!

    NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking to anywhere in the world.

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