Battlechasers : Red Monika


For the first time in Battlechasers history, your favorite red-headed bounty hunter is available in approximately 1/7th scale!

Gifted with agility, strength and superior reflexes, she is an expert in both unarmed combat and swordsmanship. After settling on her bounty hunter career, Monika trained with firearms until she rarely ever missed a target.

As children, her and Garrison often trained together and as Monika was the more advanced of the two, she became Garrison's trainer in the art of swordsmanship.

Red Monika is captured here vaulting off of some rune carved rocks, taking aim with her dual pistols. Fans will be able to switch out her arms to customize her loadout which includes one of her blades, and her love bomb from the Battlechasers: Nightwar game!

PLEASE NOTE: These images are of the 3d model and will be updated to showcase the final production model as soon as we complete it! We hope to improve on this 3d render to give you all a collectible worthy of the Battlechasers IP!

Lite Edition! - $399USD. This edition contains the collectible only. (Previous early bird special is now gone!)

Signature Edition! - SOLD OUT

This edition contains a signed and numbered edition of the collectible and an exclusive signed print of a brand new pencil sketch of Red Monika from Joe Madureira! 

Signature and Lite editions are expected to ship late 4th quarter 2019 early 1st Quarter 2020!

All prices include international shipping with tracking to anywhere in the world.

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